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Insomnia Rx ~ Constance Stadler

From this hospital window
I can see
the mottled reflection
of black leaves trembling
in night breezes.

Keeper of the watch
ever calm, ever bright
brings stark illumination
of the glass paned
still life.

The other watchman
black and bewigged
carelessly munching
stolen potato chips
presents lesser

And, in a haze my bare feet
make rustled crossing
to the third stall from the left
for the second time
in an hour and a half.


Biographical Note: Constance Stadler has been writing, publishing, and editing poetry from the ‘prehistoric’ epoch of print journals to modern e-times. She was a former editor of South and West and is currently a contributing editor to the e-zine Eviscerator Heaven. Her most recent work appears in such ‘zines as ditch, ken*again, Pen Himalaya, Rain Over Bouville, Clockwise Cat, Hanging Moss, Neonbeam, and Gloom Cupboard.  Some of her work as well as most recent publication links can be found at As a political anthropologist specializing in North Africa and a violinist, her influences are multiform. Work in formative years with the late poet Gwendolyn Brooks was seminal, but no less so than Sufi Dervish dancers, and the challenges of mastering Bruch’s first concerto.