The underground press offered a platform to the socially impotent and mirrored the changing way of life in the UK underground

Contact: Sean McGahey 

We consider unsolicited submissions of short stories and poetry. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

(UK) Book reviews:
To submit review copies contact Parasitic via e-mail

Send work: parasitic_lit@yahoo.co.uk


8 responses to “About

  1. elizabeth rose murray

    hi there – sending some subs soon but was wondering for now whether you would like to link to my website? its mainly links to all the published stuff i have…take a look anyway. obviously i’ll link in return also…

  2. Do you accept novels?

  3. nope! one chapter….or something

  4. Looks like my kind of blog. I’ll be back!

  5. Dear friends,

    I am terribly busy at the moment but i hope i can manage to put together a couple of poems to submit to you soon.

    Great site!!

  6. I absolutely can’t stand that picture of the cigarette butts, it makes me sick looking at it. I like your blog very much, but I gotta be honest, that shit is hard to look at. I bet it turns people away.

    Your friend,

  7. Of Vicars and Tarts….Sonja Bigg.

    The author is a mad twit who believes that love conquers all.
    All the fiction in this book is just that – fiction. It does not fully represent the Author’s truest opinion regarding love, death, abuse, madness, religion and any other topic that arises in this book – but is more of an indication of her slightly warped and unusual mind.
    All names, characters, phone numbers, events, and locales are inventions of the author, used fictitiously. Except for the mention of named celebrities and real places – to whom no offence was intended and with which artistic liberty was taken with all details for the sake of consistency, continuity, character development, and literary expression.
    The fictional thoughts, opinions and dialogues in this work represent the fictional thoughts, opinions and dialogues of the fictional characters who are thinking and speaking. These are not to be taken as a representation of the views of the Author who does not necessarily agree in any way with any of the content, views or beliefs within the book.
    The novel and author is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed in any way by any brand name mentioned in the book and has no bias towards or against any name or brand. She avoids brands in every-day life.

    Please take proper precautions when reading this book. It may contain some foul and offensive language and tasteless ideas. There is some graphic and explicit content. There may be inaccurate content regarding newspapers, places, shops, clothes, the bible and eBay.
    It is not suitable for children or pets. It may contain traces of nuts. It must not be read after its sell by date. An adult must be present when opening. Protracted use may damage your eyesight. Do not read while driving.

    The Author cannot be held responsible for shock, disdain, information taken literally and deteriorating eyesight due to reading in a poor light, fury and frustration of partners due to neglect, or their acting upon suggestion that paying for escorts is desirable or acceptable. The author cannot take responsibility for disciplinary action at work due to lack of concentration, sleeping during meetings due to reading late into the night and illegal sick-leave taken in order to read. The author cannot be held responsible for children being ignored, homework unchecked and packed lunches not being made. Any DIY jobs un-finished, car engines melting due to lack of oil, bills unpaid, dental appointments missed and mascara worn for three days running is not the responsibility of the Author.

    No animals were harmed in the writing of this book.

  8. I love the new design of the site… I do have one small request though… my poem “November” from Parasitic #16 is black font on a black background, making it only readable if you highlight it… is there any way that you could fix this when you have the time? Many thanks!

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