2 Poems by Richard Wink



I watched a man dive from Cromer Pier

the North Sea gobbled him up

as lovers kissed on the beach


In the caravan a goblin squealed

abandoned by its owners who gallivanted in the Kings Arms

Consuming the Seafood Special

and a bottle of red.

When they get back

the goblin will be dead


The river speaks to the sea

in between each tide,

they exchange fluids and salts


Dog Walk


A sludge filled Fiesta chokes Dickensian smog from a battered exhaust

the bowel loosening drum and bass pummels

my sensitive ears.

Two joggers run by oblivious

A pair of black panties sit on the grass verge

the Princess must have lost her undercarriage


As streetlights flicker amber into life

I walk past dull flats

and council houses where the television shines through thin curtains.

An elderly man puffs smoke rings

coughing an evening

cursing this stranger

that walks past


Richard Wink is a writer based in Norwich. He edits the litzine Gloom Cupboard http://gloomcupboard.com


One response to “2 Poems by Richard Wink

  1. poetry used to be interesting. observation nuggets strung together is easy, but if you were to choose a better selection of words in a row, most people would probably buy into your shenanegins. who knows.

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