‘A Shotgun Does the Trick’ by Michael Grover

I am dying of lack of motion,
Out there in cities
There is movement and inspiration.

Not here.
The art gallery down the street votes republican.
If you want to clear the room quick
Read a Poem.
They are taking down art
Because the artist manipulated
The american flag.

I want to manipulate
Corporate flags.
My Poems burning them
And weaving it back again with words.
And we will be
A sovreign Poetic nation.

Maybe I’m just dreamin’
But I still believe in dreams.
Nice guys finish last,
I’m a guinea pig
To that theory.
I’m a livin’ example
In the flesh.
I still persist
Middle finger in the air
To darwinistic systems.
Don’t swim with sharks,
Don’t have the ambition.

Today I watched a documentary
About another writer
That allegedly took the route
Of the shotgun.
They upheld mainstream views,
And ignored conspiracies.
To them he chose his time to go.
Let his brains see the light of day.
I guess a shotgun does the trick.
And I’m thinkin’ even if he did
Pull the trigger with his toe.
Which I doubt he did.
But ignore my own biases.
At least he had the dignity
Not to
     Go out
          Like this.
A slow crawl
     To the grave.

Michael Grover was born in Florida, USA, and has lived all over that large country. His newest chapbook is entitled ‘The Man Who Lives in the Park’. He hosts the website  www.covertpoetics.com


One response to “‘A Shotgun Does the Trick’ by Michael Grover

  1. Wolfgang Carstens

    The mental and spiritual gohnerhea that inflames the majority of the the poem is a perfect build-up to the final lines.

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