‘Fuck All to Remember’ by Alan Kelly

The both of them had been up to precious little that week, odd this seemed cause both of them always had so much to do in their spare time, but when they looked back over their shoulders, it seemed the day would just flake away leaving them with fuck all to remember.

“D’ya want?” asked Caroline taking a few quick sucks on the joint and offering it to Carmel, the words came slowly to Carmel and she looked at Caroline, Caroline staring at the ground, her arm resting between her legs. Carmel looked down at London and had another sip of her Grolsch.

“Thought we were goin’ to Electric Ballroom” said Carmel taking the joint off Caroline. Caroline scrunched up her face, holding the bag of beers with one hand and pointing at them with the other.

“Look” Carmel said “the Canary Wharf looks like….” trying to steer her away
from another argument, but she just smiled sadly. Carmel lit another cigarette.

Caroline was fiddling with her camera; Carmel looked back over her shoulder. The shadow of two men was stock still; just up on the hill behind them “Can I take a picture Caroline?” Carmel handed her the camera and as soon as it was placed in her hand she stood, swinging around, the shadows had gone. “They’re gone” She looked down at Caroline, who was still looking at the ground; she hadn’t heard a thing she’d said.

“Don’t feel like Electric Ballroom” she said, quietly laughing. “Bollox. I’m not stayin’ here all night freezing my cunt off” Carmel said and she laughed loudly then. It wasn’t even that funny. They still were in the same spot. While they were laughing they failed to hear feet, voices, that plastic whish noise those jackets sometimes make. When they looked up from the ground, the girls were staring into four empty hoods.

Carmel looked at Caroline “we’re goin yeah” that was when one of the heads smashed his fist into Caroline’s face. Carmel always imagined she would scream in this situation, but she looked on, quietly.

The camera was taken off Carmel and the second hood smashed it against an ugly tree that was jutting out of the earth. She never got to take her picture, Caroline had no clothes on and the two other hoods, the ones not holding Carmels’s arm were dragging her knickers down. “What d’ya want?” Carmel asked quietly and the hood holding her arm elbowed her in the mouth.

Caroline would be upset about her camera, she was always clicking away, there were a hundred pictures on her bed and a hundred more on her wall. Carmel heard her cry somewhere. Someone kicked her hard in the stomach, she bit her tongue. They would like to hear her scream. Down in the dirt Carmel turned her head and Caroline was lying naked, blood running down her legs, her nose swollen, eyes bruised shut. The four hoods stood over her laughing. One of them removed a small silver thing and pointed it at Caroline. Carmel closed her eyes.

Carmel opened her eyes and she was staring into four empty hoods, four empty hoods with a silver thing pointing at her face. She was about to speak when the hood holding the silver thing pulled its trigger and buried a wooden bullet in her forehead.

Hospital lights are something you never quite forget, even after 20 years. She had stared into four empty hoods. She was staring into four empty hoods, spitting gum and blood into an unwashed sink.

The camera had been smashed, Carmel never got to take her picture. She woke up with a dry throat and asked a nurse “can I see Caroline?” the nurse smiled and told her “in a minute” Carmel tried sitting up “I have to tell her that her camera is broken”. The nurse left her room. What did they do?

Carmel tried to but she couldn’t, everytime she tried looking back over her shoulder, the day would just flake away leaving her with fuck all to remember.

Alan Kelly is from Dublin, Ireland. His work has previously featured at Dogmatika, 3am, Beat the Dust and one or two other places. More can be found at the link at the side there.



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