2 Poems by Fionn O’Donnell


The rain has stopped
someone is moving sheep
on the road
Noreen? teeth like gravel
cherry pink
wearing her
black bin liner.-
My cats saved me, so they did
jumped on yer man’s head
so they did- all eighteen of them
Light is shifting
from the granite spur
to the stilled waters
rests on the yoke of flag irises
Tonight the men
will go lamping
for foxes
Tonight Siobhan
will go to the Riversdale
and drink peach schnaps
and  vodka
with Red bull
and vomit
on the flag irises and
yer man
—heeez gorgeooous…
or someone else
for an e
for a drag of a joint
for the craic
fucken great craic
last night
mighty—fucken mighty
craic.  Who was he?

– how the fuck would I know!
Light is  shifting again
resting for a while
on Cùl na Capall
and Dennis O’Connor’s field
before it swallows another mountain.


make something of yourself

make something of yourself you said
and Iturned my skin inside out
and I made me into an otter
and I swam an oily stroke
and I ate fat eels
and  quicksilvered fish
but you didn’t like it
make yourself into something you said
and I raised my arms to the sky
and I sank my feet in the wet clay
and I grew green and  I grew rooted
and I sheltered bugs in the folds of my skin
still you didn’t like it
and I made myself into the shadow of your hand
and I made myself into a foam of hawthorn
and I made myself into the noise of crushed leaves
and I made myself into the slaughtered wrens
and I made myself into a stone fallen from a crumbling wall
and I made myself into a heron
and I made myself into February’s lambing ewe
and I made myself into a spring fog
and I made myself  into a fox
but you didn’t like it
so – I pulled up my old skin back
and fastened it tighter and  tighter `
around my waist around my ankles
until it strangled the air out of me
and it fitted me like the skin on boiled milk
– for a while


Born in 1978 in the People’s Republic of Cork. Beet Poet, Munster man & fundamentalist culchie, into hurling more than soccer, Michael Hartnett more than Kerouac. I keep a few sheep and try not to write about myself in the third person.




One response to “2 Poems by Fionn O’Donnell

  1. In the first poem Siobahn reminded me of girls I knew in grammer school..I think it was the peach schnappes comment. I LOVE the second piece…so many fantastic metaphors, it’s hard to choose any favorite line. I’m generally a fan of people who write with true intense passion and emotion and I definitely got that from you. Nice work.

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