Short Cuts: Robert Altman

Tom Waits & Lily Tomlin


Short Cuts


After the phenomenal success of The Player, Altman made a triumphant return with Short Cuts, similarly cast in loosely linked LA tales. 9/10


That Night: Craig Bolotin

Juliette Lewis & C Thomas Howell


A predictable rites of passage film set in 1961. Based on the novel by Alice McDermott 8/10


C Thomas Howell also starred in The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola 10/10


This Boy’s Life: Michael Caton – Jones

Robert De Niro & Ellen Barkin


A classic rites of passage film set in the 1950s. De Niro plays a seriously overpowering father. Based on a true story by Tobias Wolff 9/10


I’ll Do Anything: James Brooks

Nick Nolte & Tracy Ullman


Do you like musicals? Some of the songs are by Prince. It’s an OK film written and directed by Terms of Endearment’s James Brooks. 4/10


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